Friday, November 15th, 7:00 pm, Sohmar Massage School in Downers Grove – A new Sacred Healing Breath Workshop is being offered. The subject…RECEIVING THE HOLY SPIRIT.

SHIRLEE HALL who has served consciousness as a visionary, professional speaker, natural born healer, spiritual consultant, author of 4 books,inspirational teacher and workshop leader for over thirty years is available to help you move intimately into a permanent sense of wholeness, which embraces every aspect of life. For further information, feel free to call 630-202-3818 for details.

Sunday, December 1st, 1:00 pm – a Circle of Light class and healing meditation is scheduled.


In truth, purity cannot be destroyed. More of us are awakening to our true identity as pure awareness that has descended into phenomena and sustained by different levels of consciousness. We have a choice to continue with the imaginary or to force ourselves to awaken during an earth cycle that accepts spiritual ignorance as the norm. It is a huge challenge to be a rebel. We are surrounded by family and friends who have their unmet challenges. The environment is a stage that can either help or further delude us.

The classes and workshops under the umbrella of unconditional love and inner knowing are for your benefit. To rediscover the absolute purity of imperishable grace dwelling in the heart is an ongoing challenge.

Nothing is more important than direct experience with the Divine. Understanding does come through tenacious inquiry, love for the light of our true Nature and the gradual removal and actual destruction of the deceitful ego. To be successful, all of us must stop the illusion and remove ourselves mentally from the shell imprisoning the real. My intention is to prove that you can see, feel and be the Infinite in form. To be successful, all of us must keep hammering away at the hardened shell preventing the illumination and bliss that is rightfully ours.

You are invited to join us and be a rebel against slavery to concepts, abuse and attachments as we advocate for a supreme peace that only comes when we awaken to the Infinite Consciousness. It is time we stop being victimized by spiritual ignorance. Our classes and workshops are specifically designed through firsthand understanding and experience to help you be an expert in who you really are~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall