I have written in a 48 hour period my first fairy tale, The Unicorn and the Queen. It is filled with ancient wisdom for people who are aware. If you feel moved to make a donation to help with the self-publishing, please visit the first page of my website,www.behealedforever.com and click on the DONATION button.

The rough draft was recently read to a small group. They were stunned! I wish a camera had been available to capture the look of amazement on their shining faces. In the fairy tale, the Unicorn is used as a powerful Voice symbolizing our inner divine nature. Medieval people loved symbolism. It was only natural for them to equate spiritual truths with the things they saw in nature…plants and animals alike. The Unicorn is a unique representative of a divine and breathtaking oneness. It is also a symbol of purity, strength, salvation, inward calmness and healing of wounds.

It is said that dreams are the playground of unicorns. The playground of the Unicorn brilliantly maximizes the quality of life possible in wholeness and a willing attunement with nature. The tale explains three perspectives, kingdoms, existing in the collective buried dream. The direct and ancient message is one of hope and encouragement reminding souls of their inner greatness and waiting potential.

Years ago, I had a personal experience with a unicorn who suddenly appeared as I was writing at my desk. He was standing on his hind legs.

The fairy tale is divinely inspired and an offering that is an unexpected and joyous surprise for me. My other new manuscript, a novel, will soon be completed as well. The title of the novel is ‘Visitor from Heaven’. It is personal and very unusual.

Both gifts of love encourage readers to willingly merge in harmony with the natural laws and the unconditional love of the universe.

You are invited to be a living part of the free flow of cosmic energy and share in its loving power.

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall