May your Thanksgiving be amazing…

I am thankful that my new tale is ready to be printed.  The Three Persuasions explains Creation in its own unique way.  A unicorn and a princess are the two players.  Both the authorized King James Version, Greek Septuagint, Latin Vulgate and the American Standard Version mention this ancient creature.  Chinese mythology and the Japanese have their version.  The predecessor of the medieval bestiary, compiled in Late Antiquity and known as Physiologus, popularized an elaborate allegory in which a unicorn, trapped by a maiden (representing the Virgin Mary), stood for the Incarnation.  Some religious writers interpret the unicorn and its death as the Passion of Christ.  The myths refer to a beast with one horn that can only be tamed by a virgin. The Virgin Mary and the unicorn are a basic emblematic tag that underlies medieval notions justifying its appearance in every form of religious art.  Only the virgin can tame the one horned beast.

Living as Light in form, humans are free to create their own reality. The ancient and wise Unicorn offers a heightened understanding opening the way toward merging in harmony with the natural laws and the unconditional love of the universe.

The Unicorn is a unique representative of a divine and breathtaking oneness. It is also a symbol of purity, strength, salvation, inward calmness and healing of wounds.  Princess Shree’s mentor, a magnificent unicorn, encourages the princess to turn toward the free flow of cosmic energy and lovingly share it with receptive hearts.

It is said that dreams are the playground of unicorns.   The playground of the Unicorn brilliantly maximizes the quality of life possible in wholeness and attunement with nature.    The tale explains three persuasions of a buried Dream. The Unicorn encourages us to be our best and possible nature regardless of the appearance world or a haunting sense of separation and loss.  The direct and ancient message is one of hope reminding souls of their inner greatness and waiting potential.
I had to share the excitement with you…
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am grateful for our friendship
Blessings of Light and Love,