Sunday, January 5th, Circle of Light local class and meditation
Friday, 17th, Sacred Breath Healing local workshop
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       And   book     The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls
                              Book is on Kindle.  Can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble
                              Approximately Christmas week.
          Or                Directly from Shirlee Hall
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“Although this wonderful tale style analogy is a thin book, its pages are filled with wonderment, profound ides, and lessons for living.  The contents will make you think.  The question of why humanity suffers is addressed through the thoughts of two characters: The Princess Shree and her mentor, the Unicorn.  Through this journey of one soul, in the physical form of one young princess elevating to queen in her physical world, awakening to her own desire to evolve spiritually, allows the reader to understand the self in an abstract environment, a mind expanding read!”
Are You Wearing Your Magic Glasses?    Our upcoming Sunday series class material…
Not everyone’s spiritual sight is active.  Our focus in 2014 is to remind and educate participants regarding the spiritual sight they already have and need to actually use on a daily basis.  I will be referring to our spiritual sight, sense, as putting on a pair of magic glasses.  The symbolism is a simple means to describe this unique and special gift that enables us to see life and everything differently.
Through these glasses you will see only the truth.  You will not be able to see opinions, prejudices, or beliefs.  I realize that there are only a few who are prepared to accept the truth when they see it.  If you choose to join us and before you put the magic glasses on, know this: almost nothing will be as you thought it to be.  You will see all truth, be tolerant of others and acquire a greater understanding.  You won’t see things as you used to ever again.  The magic glasses will help you to see everything as it really is.  If you live in the Chicago area, link your light with ours.  In wearing your magic glasses of truth, you also activate your inner youth. From that inner youth springs everything that is good for you.  The inner youth is YOU!
Blessings of Joy and Wonder
May Light and Truth
Beauty and Love be with you
Throughout the New Year
In harmony,
Shirlee Hall