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Scientifically assisting our awakening to a true and eternal inner Nature, an ongoing series of advanced monthly classes and workshops are lovingly offered. Ancient formulas of wisdom and love combined with firsthand sacred breath meditative disciplines encourage a lasting healing transformation.  The healing energy gracefully leads the participant into a state of mind where balance of the body, mind and soul become a reality. The process involves attracting and expanding radiant light in the participant’s force fields.

Why continue to struggle and feel separated from your true spiritual identity?  Pure intent and the energy of love is a scientific method leading toward wholeness and an awakened consciousness.

Author Shirlee HallSpiritual Consultant

Give yourself a special gift any time of the year! 45 minutes for a remote session or in the office.

You deserve balance, harmony and an enduring feeling of lightness. Receive the loving support and energy boost necessary to achieve the fulfillment you deserve.


Laying of Hangs


A ministry of love sharing the Power, Presence and Light of the Holy Spirit. Since 1980, Shirlee Hall has publicly offered a wisdom science of comfort, hope and  healing energy of love for the body, mind and soul.

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SHIRLEE HALL is a published author of seven books, visionary, healing channel, speaker, teacher, spiritual consultant and workshop leader.  She is dedicated to the enhancement our spiritual growth and development and thus to the worth, dignity, well-being, and unique potential of each individual. 


Be Healed Forver



Healing Sessions

A lifetime of healing successes with her self and others has provided Shirlee with the knowledge and experience to speak and act with authority. To be completely healed, an individual must also be healed inwardly. If a physical healing occurs without an inner transformation, another imbalance may eventually manifest in the body. The inner self and the outer energy need to work together as a unit of consciousness in order to achieve any enduring and significant balance.

Instantaneous healing frequently occurs in Shirlee’s Sacred Breath Workshops and personal sessions. Connecting with the soul and spirit of the individual and accepting divine assistance restores balance. Shirlee understands the numerous variables involved in becoming whole again.

Personal Healing Appointments

Since it is wise to give as well as receive, a donation is appreciated for the time, energy and love agreed upon prior to the scheduled appointment remote or in person. Click the PayPal button above, which is a secure link for credit cards.


SHIN-RA Workshops

SHIN is the perfect circle without beginning or end indicating that there is no such thing as death.

It is the creative and sacred Fire where all existence begins and returns.

It consists of three flames representing three worlds and One Being where all came forth.

It represents judgment, depth and the power of the manifested Breath.

It is the source of creativity, which divided the One into the Two leading the Two into the perfect Unity.

RA is associated with the energy of the life-giving Sun.  Linking the ‘fire’ names symbolizes the fullness of authentic and regenerative transformation.  The healing Fire comes and touches the hearts and bodies of the souls who are ready to be healed.

Those who are ready have caught the Flame and will rise to a greater life~

Monthly Shin Ra Healing Workshops are held Friday evening in Downers Grove, IL.



Diamond Body Sacred Breath

Diamond BodyNew meditative and healing workshop focus is on a journey that only rare humans have experienced.  It is the awareness and expansion of the highest body of Light, our Diamond Christ Body, and establishing the energy into our lesser frequencies.  The Diamond body is the ultimate prize in life because it never wears out, it is immortal and incorruptible.  The Diamond Body is a biological resurrected carbon body, a time-space vehicle.

The transmuting process can be compared to a caterpillar who lies down in its cocoon and sleeps.  While it sleeps, its cells automatically transform into a new body type, a butterfly.  The healing workshop is a serious beginning step to assist those who seek a genuine enlightenment spiritually, mentally and a cellular transformation to a higher frequency here in physical life.

The Emerald Light

Shirlee Hall's Emerald LightA  powerful Sacred Breath Meditative Workshop based on the Emerald Tablets of Thoth/Hermes. Intention…to further open the Gateway assisting participants to unite with the Great Light. Emphasis on the Light-Sun and on Heart-Earth and being personally overshadowed by the Christ Energy.

The Violet Ray Sacred Breath WorkshopThe Violet Ray Sacred Breath Workshop

Enter into the Violet Ray illumination as you purify your thoughts, feelings and body. The Ray is a healing and transforming balm. Experience the masterpiece that you truly are and allow your magnificence to shine forth.

The Seven LanternsThe Seven Lanterns

A meditative healing workshop leading participants through the ancient mysteries in the great Temple of Heliopolis, Egypt. The intent is to quicken the ‘Body of Light’ reaching higher regions of consciousness and creativity.

Degrees of character enlightenment are activated. Scrolls earned in the area of mastering the lower nature are offered and Lanterns lit. Symbols of the Perfect Number Seven, Perfect Man, the Circle, the Dove, the Hawk and the Phoenix are used.

My Own PrismMy Own Prism

Color workshop based on one of Shirlee’s  books, My Own Tree. The workshop regenerates our inner and outer Tree, which involves all the energy systems from the base of the spine to the top of the head and beyond. The focus includes physical, emotional and soul healing using the power of the Sun and Its Rays, Nature, Laws of Spirit, Affirmations, a radiant Prism of Color and Sound from both an Earth and Sky perspective.

The participants cross the bridge from ordinary life to living a magical one. Step by step they are led to a resting place…their own Tree House. The journey is toward being organically whole. During the workshop, attention is focused on the beauty of Light, which is available to all of us. Our personal Tree is bathed by the Rays of the Sun! The Sun is the symbol of Divine Love and Light. Our individual tree is energized with the Power, Presence and Principle of life well beyond imagination.


Calling the Archangels

The Blue Healing Buddha

The Central Sun

The Golden Flower

The Platinum Ray

The 72 Names of God