CIRCLE OF LIGHT CLASS/MEDITATION: DEC. 1, 1 pm, “Have the teachings of Jesus been blindsided?”

TESTING…1, 2, 3

Every day more of us are linking our intention as shimmering light choosing to cooperate with the higher patterns of individual and collective evolution. My new and small book, ‘The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls’, will be available early December. I consider the tale a gem. It is a gem because it answers in a simple style long sought questions. The renamed tale will be available on my web site, Internet through Amazon and Barnes & Noble or directly through me.

I am a lover of the Sacred. Holiness is “wisdom” or “knowledge”. It is intuition that gives us the creative power to put into words a direct knowledge of Truth. Whatever I share is based on a full, conscious, immediate and direct awareness. In other words, what may read as a tale or novel is in truth a conscious and individual way of sharing an ongoing transformation process…God communion.

Truth is truth. The teachings are universal. No one is superior or inferior. We are all equal and children of the One. We appear as different according to the development of consciousness and its interaction with the body-mind. Direct inspiration is received through pure intent. This explains why ancient teachings appear similar once individually understood. Progressive energy is to be shared locally, nationally, internationally and universally. The center of every dynamic truth originates from the same Source…the sublime heart of Truth. Because clarity is so sorely needed in today’s world, I am thrilled with this new opportunity to humbly share a cosmic manifestation…The Three Persuasions.

To be able to express faith as well as the testing is the same as trusting. There is no difference. Over forty years ago my trust was tested in bizarre ways. It wasn’t until a few years passed that I understood the purpose of being tested. Although I could have easily made a fool out of my self, remaining attentive, having confidence and a steady conviction supported an inner belief in a higher guidance gently pushing me toward an unknown goal.

I relied on the truth of ‘something’ that I felt and heard and did not always see. The process of growth continued until I was ready for something far beyond what is heard, felt, seen or known through the physical or psychic senses. Every word in ‘The Three Persuasions’ is a pure and direct experience. The awareness of the tale may read as an impossible magic, unreasonable, or illogical to a few. If you are ready and understand the power of energy, a firm persuasion will evolve as you trust every step of the Way. Renewed hope and possibilities, clarity and unconditional love will nourish your yearning heart. Being tested challenges integrity, provides stability and unfolds as an enduring and tranquil love. Wisdom when realized creates beauty, a beauty that is longed for by the hearts of many~

I am thankful for your friendship. Have a Thanksgiving full of unexpected blessings~

Shirlee Hall