THE GOLDEN FLOWER SACRED BREATH WORKSHOP, Friday, January 18th at the Sohmar Massage School 7:00 PM
Reservations required

CIRCLE OF LIGHT CLASSES now offered through an email attachment for those of you who cannot join us. Last Sunday’s class, “Know Thyself”, can be ordered for only a $9 donation on the Home page of my web site:

CIRCLE OF LIGHT February 3rd class, Sunday, 1:00 PM in La Grange. Subject to be later announced.

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THE SACRED BREATH GOLDEN FLOWER WORKSHOP is based on The Secret of the Golden Flower, Taoist Internal Alchemy. It is commonly referred to as the ‘Heavenly Consciousness of the Heart’.

The Golden Flower is the Light. It is the true power of the transcendent Great One. In our healing meditative power workshops Light is circulated. What is offered is similar to being given a golden pill. The circulation is a movement of the true, creative and formative powers.

When Confucius says: knowing brings one to the goal; or when Buddha calls it: the view of the Heart; or Lao Tzu says: inward vision, it is all the same. Our dear, Jesus, understood and lived the secret of the Golden Flower.

The secret of the magic of life consists in using action in order to achieve non-action. If you have never experienced our Sacred Breath Workshops this is a healing action on your part to link your light with ours.

Love, Light and Laughter