Sunday, July 11th, 1:00 pm – 3:15 pm, class, meditation, and Healing Hour

Sohmar Massage School, 3051 Oak Grove Rd, Suite 104, Downers Grove, near Butterfield and Findley

Reservations required: Shirlee Hall email: bethemystery@aol.com

Sleep, the life that occupies one-third of our stay on earth, is the natural door into the subconscious. It is in a dream, a vision of the night, that our eyes and ears are often open and we are give instruction. A couple nights ago, I was wondering what could be the subject matter for the healing workshop I am offering on Sunday, July 11th. The answer cam in an involved and colorful dream. A line up of ancient Egyptian goddesses and queens appeared to me. The subject will be the ‘7 Divine Feminine Archetypes of Empowerment’. The Goddess was worshipped for thousands of years. She is also within the male and needs to be drawn out. She lives in each of us.