Shirlee Hall Welcomes You to Be Healed Forever

Author Shirlee Hall


“There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in” is a simple metaphor explaining what I offer to souls who willingly embrace both self-knowledge and knowledge of the divine realities. The emphasis is always…direct experience through looking within.

In our Sacred Healing Breath Workshops, participants easily experience an interior knowing that will liberate consciousness when held onto. The intention is an intimacy with the fullness of the Divine Light. Whether souls join our “heavenly flights”, Circle of Light classes, read my books based on firsthand experience or all three offerings, we are moved beyond conventional knowing to a higher knowledge that commonly slumbers within.

Faith in one’s experience, each other and the joy of traveling beyond the limitations of personal consciousness and the limitations of the world, thrust us into mysterious regions of our own heightened awareness and subtle realities. Understanding true identity is the focus. Choosing, returning to the Source and living the sacred knowledge of the heart, we evolve in our compassion and purpose and simultaneously heal and share the blissful light with others.

Why not consciously achieve a self-liberating knowledge of the Divine? Many humans are sleepwalkers. Those of us who have direct inner integrity experience a genuine desire to do our part in helping others to dare to be the true Self right here in matter. Suffering can be lessened. To do our part, we must learn to become internally and consistently whole. Our creative effort is aliveness. To be alive is a challenge in today’s world. I believe we can do it.

To lift the world out of the abyss of suffering, we must first lift ourselves with faith, hope, determination, stability and a love that awakens as a result of truly knowing our purpose and plan. If you are willing and resonate to this brief message, link your light and come dance. The music waits~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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