Shirlee Hall Welcomes You to Be Healed Forever

Author Shirlee Hall


What does it mean to be healed forever?  From the point of pure awareness, it means that we recognize and live our true spiritual identity as a spirit temporarily using a physical form.  BE HEALED FOREVER means that we understand and live the truth of who we really are.  It is to know firsthand a higher reality and consciously live at that high level.  The spiritual includes the mental and physical and yet, it is awareness far grander than our normal physical state of being.

The power of healing the body, mind and soul awakened in my consciousness years ago.  As a result of the life-changing experience, I am of the belief that my life belongs to the whole community.  As a public speaker, healer and wisdom teacher where everything I do is energized by pure love, I can share with authority a reality that acknowledges our true identity as a living intelligent light.

What better way to live than to share true love and an ever increasing wisdom through books, lectures and healing experiences that demonstrate a conscious union with the Divine?  My desire is to encourage others that they, too, can do all things. We awaken to the reality of our own spiritual identity and the purpose of existence through right understanding and a consciousness that loves and lives truth.

We are lovers searching for the Beloved.  All the time that we have been looking, the Divine Presence and Power has been patiently waiting within.  We need to acknowledge our Living Light of knowing and give hope and comfort to others who ask.  What better way to live than to share our own love and ever increasing wisdom with those who long for a genuine union but have not had the courage to try.

Healing is ours according to our degree of spirit expressing.  The second birth is our spiritual awakening. My intent is to help you walk with a lighter heart.  Yes, we can be humanly what we are as spirit.

I recognize the divine within you. As more of us fully accept the great truth of our eternal identity and return to the purity of our true nature, visible life will be healed. It is then that the Unshakable Race is evident to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Peace on earth and good will toward all is our experience as the direct result of a universal reality as we claim our highest consciousness and put it into action.


FREE REMOTE HEALING SESSIONS – Fourth Sunday afternoon of a month at 2:00 PM, USA Illinois Chicago time.   Suggestions:  15 minutes prior to the hour find a quiet place, turn off your phone and make certain you will not be disturbed.   Relax and Breathe…

Power is steadily sent for approximately 15 minutes…Receive and trust…

Remain still for an additional 15 minutes …Be grateful and bless others…


In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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