Shirlee Hall Welcomes You to Be Healed Forever

Author Shirlee Hall


The work that I love and have chosen to share is all about choosing more of life for myself and for you.  I strongly believe and do my best to live in joy, discovery and balance expressing the spirit of life in human form.  Why not live with vitality and share that vitality with others?  This is an attitude of healing and instills hope in all we meet.

As a synthesizer drawing freely from firsthand divine life experiences and the teachings of those who understand the language of Light, my intention is to assist in bringing forth the intuitive process as a reality. The workshops, classes, consultations and written words embrace both self-knowledge and knowledge of ultimate, divine realities. The intention is to help each other regain the understanding of the primordial state of experiencing the Divine Presence in every moment.

More of us need to come out and play, live our dreams with a sense of humor and pick each other up when we fall.  Creativity and the spirit of adventure keeps us interested as well as healed.  I believe in the promise and possibilities within our true identity as spirit and its gift of wonder as light experiencing itself temporarily in form.  When we attain a consciousness without limits, we are genuinely alive.

I urge you to have courage and follow the impulses of your heart.  You may see things differently from the way other people see them, but you are living your truth.  Energy and enthusiasm, seeing the world from a grander and higher perspective, a perspective of discernment,  awareness and compassion, is the greatest gift of healing that you can give yourself and others.

You are a radiant light covered in matter.   Why not allow your own immortality to break through and embrace the opportunity to consciously be who you truly are?  The path of interior knowing is a magical and inner choice.  Release your beautiful Self and trust in the healing process of being strong, fulfilled and put joy and balance safely and soundly back in your life.

The ‘Real’ you is fully capable in making wise choices and in the process empower your journey toward truth, love and harmony with the treasures you rightly deserve!  You already are what you are seeking.

Thank you for linking your light with ours~

Always in love,

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