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If you have not met your own True Self, have courage, trust, honesty and sincerely seek it. You will eventually experience the intimacy of your Real Nature in the silence of meditation, the longing of the heart and mind to remember and the practice of deep thinking and feeling.  In service to life regardless of form, you find Oneness.  There is no grander experience than meeting your authentic Reality.

You may fall in love with the Divine…really fall in love.  For this union to happen naturally, you seriously need to desire a consistent and conscious connection.  Ache for it!  It is then that you will know true communication.  Once you are strongly committed, the love, power, and presence will consciously be with you regardless of who or what appears in your life.  If the idea of ‘falling in love with the Divine’ is too difficult to grasp, perhaps, substitute the word union, a unity of being.   Once a union is experienced with the Reality of what you are, you have all the proof you need.  You are One.

The emphasis in my books, classes and healing sessions is to be with your own pure Self, listen to it, obey it, and cherish it in mind ceaselessly.  Separation is only a concept.  Everything will become clear.  The love I speak of is the firsthand experience of unity…union with everything.

The True Self speaks a silent language.  Learn to listen and understand.  It is a genuine guide.  You do yourself the greatest favor by allowing the body and mind to feel the urge to bask in the sublime energy of Pure Awareness.  I always emphasize that direct experience becomes a reality through the intimacy of going within. It is through the awakening process of going beyond body and mind that you discover authenticity.

In our classes and workshops participants often experience an interior knowing that will eventually liberate consciousness when held onto.  My intention is to help earnest seekers to develop an intimacy with the fullness of the Divine Presence and Power.  Whether souls join our wisdom workshops, classes, healing sessions or read my books based on firsthand experience of a higher Love realized, we are moved beyond conventional knowing to a transcendent knowledge that secretly slumbers within.

Understanding true identity is the focus.  Choosing, returning and living the sacred purity of the heart, we evolve in our compassion and purpose and simultaneously heal and share the blissful Light of genuine knowing with others.

Suffering can lessen and even stop.  To end suffering we must rediscover and learn to become internally and consistently whole.  This is being truly alive.  To be authentically alive is a challenge in the world of matter.  I know we can do it~

To lift the world out of the abyss of suffering, we must first lift ourselves with faith, determination, stability, understanding and a wisdom directed love that awakens as a result of true knowing.  We are meant to shine, not hide.  If you are earnest, willing and resonate to this message, link your light and come dance.  The music waits~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall



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