Shirlee Hall Welcomes You to Be Healed Forever

Author Shirlee Hall


The old programs no longer work.  We are on the threshold of an inconceivable expanse of light.  It is time more people learn and live the rules of passage.

There is a circle of light that is far greater than what we have humanly witnessed here on earth.  It is a circle of vibrant souls who are conscious of their purpose in being. They are the ones who strive for excellence and recognize the harmony and justice in the Laws of Creativity.  They are the ones who realize that to be awakened is to consciously live each day in faith and devotion to the sublime Supreme Source that created All.

A new evolutionary circle is being created.   It is an illuminating ring of spiritual power that will lift the vibrations of earth in such a way that a higher consciousness will dawn upon the minds of men and women throughout the world.

The third evolutionary circle is an invisible force that is living in the midst of humanity.  It is witnessed and understood by those who are harmoniously attuned to Its majesty and power.  Each soul that resonates with the higher wisdom and  true love is an integral part of the next evolutionary step waiting to manifest in physical reality.  Each soul that embraces its energy as a means to demonstrate the brilliancy of truth and pure love is a spark of the great ring.

It is through the energy of the third evolutionary step that the soul entrapped in the rounds of matter from ape, to man will eventually emerge and vibrate within the third circle, the circle of living Light.  The living Light is an awakened consciousness that can actually be seen, felt and communicated with by those who have willingly prepared for a transitional process.  The third circle is ready to emerge in all its beauty, power and revealing love. The world of unenlightened men and women will take notice.

I offer my understanding and the firsthand revelations they contain as both a call and a comforting message of hope.  Many souls are ready to be conscious and transitional beings living in matter with a higher knowledge and a natural and unconditional love.  Our role is to freely manifest an expanded vision of an illuminating higher consciousness.  This means…you and I who have prepared are ready and capable in bringing Heaven on Earth.

It is our choice, minute by minute, whether we live as our true self of Light or the physical appearance self of suffering, lack, and limitation.  Come…strengthen your inner fire and link your light with those who are no longer hypnotized and have chosen to be transmitters of the Great Rhythm.  Together, let us manifest the next evolutionary step and project an authentic  joy here and now as master of self and master of matter.

A higher vision for man is knocking at the Front Door!  I have periodically witnessed in vision an expanding and pulsating circle of diamond radiant laser light since 1969.  The vision is the future of man here on earth.  It is symbolism of a sacred joy manifesting a new species projecting love, truthfulness, simplicity and complete freedom!

From my heart to yours,

Shirlee Hall


The emphasis in my books, classes and healing sessions is to consciously awaken to our own pure hidden Self.

In our classes and workshops participants often experience an interior knowing that will eventually liberate consciousness when held onto.  My intention is to help earnest seekers to develop an intimacy with the fullness of the Divine Presence and Power.  Whether souls join our wisdom workshops, classes, healing sessions or read my books based on firsthand experience of a higher Love realized, we are moved beyond conventional knowing to a transcendent knowledge that secretly slumbers within.

Understanding our true spiritual identity is the focus.  Choosing, returning and living the sacred purity of the heart, we evolve in our compassion and purpose and simultaneously heal and share the Light of genuine knowing and compassion with others.  If you are earnest, willing and resonate to this message, link your energy and come dance.  The music waits~



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