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Shirlee Hall - Be Healed Forever


Our Focus…

Our focus is on love and service.  The intent is to throw off the chains that bind.  You are encouraged to realize the divine magical Presence and Power within.  The more you hold your focus, the easier it is for your inner light to overcome any darkness.

Why not rise in consciousness and be your amazing true Self right here in matter?  The Great Light to which you awaken is the real identity, the Divine.  By opening your consciousness to the Divine Self, your vibration will be quickened and your body purified and life will be good in ways that you had previously only dreamed.

The Goal…

The central idea is that matter and spirit are one whole unity.  They are inseparable and one works on the other.  We, as conscious creators, must purify ourselves in this material-spiritual world.  It requires that we use skill, knowledge and develop our innate spiritual qualities.  In other words, through a genuine love we unify ourselves with the Divine and create a higher state of consciousness.  There is a hidden wisdom, a brilliance, a divine energy that must be manifested consciously as us.  I refer to this invisible fire as the Holy Spirit.

The  Greater Light is freely distributed and penetrates the darkness everywhere.
By Fire we are set free
By water we reclaim our power
By air we discover our inner worth
By Earth we realize our potential…
This is the pattern.
We are ALL children of the Beloved One.  We are here to love and serve life.  I write books, offer classes and simple suggestions in social media for the sole purpose of giving hope.  The  beauty of the Golden  and Glorious Light of the Divine is our True Nature.  It appears that the many have forgotten this.  How can anyone remember if bombs are falling and they are fooled by the appearance world?  We who are temporarily free of that particular stress need to rethink our lives and seriously ask ourselves, “How are we contributing to the lifting of the collective consciousness?”.  We are the creators.  Let us create consciously with Love, Wisdom and the Light of the One.
For those who care…

Suggestion… Earth changes are happening. The geometric shape of our planetary reality is undergoing a morphological change. The old, classical grid remains, but a new one is growing out of it.  Major fracture areas are being created for earth reality. These will likely manifest in multiple ways, through changes in the weather and climate, geopolitical upset, geological turbulence, psychological edginess. As planetary reality gets set at a new energy level, our sense of the world will be in turmoil.  Focus more on peace and an easier transition for planetary consciousness.

In service to the Beloved…
Reverend Shirlee Hall


Laying of Hangs

You are invited to join us each evening at 9:00 PM Central time and focus inward with our single Source of love and understanding, the Creator, the true life of us all,  of everything that exists and send love, peace and healing to all parts of the world.

In joy, let us link our light with both the seen and unseen dimensions in humble service at this time in the history of our planet.  We are living in a powerful transitional period, in which many of the earth’s people will be raised from their state of confusion to a simple understanding: the love of our Creator both within and without.

Love implies a unity.  Man on earth has become very short-sighted in appreciation of the magnificent power and purpose of an ever evolving creation.  Humans need to gain a greater awareness of the purpose and plan of life. Too much focus is placed on devices and inventions and playthings.  We need to focus on what is Real…our spiritual identity and the simple thought of absolute love,  genuine service and an awakening consciousness of total unity with all our brothers and sisters.  We are on earth in the physical for spiritual growth.   We must evolve and realize, accept and live a higher expression of love for  all creation.

The emphasis…Books, classes and healing sessions are offered to help those who care to consciously awaken to their pure hidden Self.

In our classes and workshops participants often experience an interior knowing that will eventually liberate consciousness when held onto.  My intention is to help earnest seekers to develop an intimacy with the fullness of the Divine Presence and Power.  Whether souls join our wisdom workshops, classes, healing sessions or read my books based on firsthand experience of a higher Love realized, we are moved beyond conventional knowing to a transcendent knowledge that secretly slumbers within.

Understanding our true spiritual identity is the focus.  Choosing, returning and living the sacred purity of the heart, we evolve in our compassion and purpose and simultaneously heal and share the Light of genuine knowing and compassion with others.  If you are earnest, willing and resonate to this message, link your energy and come dance.  The music waits~



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