December 1. 2019, 1:00 PM
Sohmar Massage School in Downers Grove, IL
3051 Oak Grove Rd.  Suite 104
$75  Details: Shi
Reserve your place-space limited- New Release, “How Angels Impact My Life” will be available $10

It appears to me that humanity has reached a fork in the road. Are we going to awaken to our true genius and potential as infinite consciousness? Or are we going to remain entrapped in our limited identity? The choice is between the mechanical mind, which keeps us in separation, and the intuitive heart, which connects us to all that  Is.

ANCIENT ALCHEMISTS understood the Great Work. It is Absolute Realization. It was seen as the Beauty of all Beauty, the Love of all Love, and the Highest High. To witness it required that consciousness be radically altered and transmuted from the ordinary (lead-like) level of everyday perception to a subtle (gold-like) level of higher perception.

Whenever some change is needed, it is not made through artificial and external means but through an inner awakening or transformation.
The goal is to be more conscious of our true spiritual ID within and attuned to the truth of things.
The more awakened we become and attuned to the truth of things, the more authority we have over substance. A super-consciousness molds and releases the appropriate vibration…
The energy of our workshops is to open us further to actually being the True Self consciously…What Earth needs is more Christ Conscious Beings.   Why not be an example of the highest form of consciousness right here in matter?
The healing session begins with a brief reminder lesson followed by a meditation and final healing hour..
To become an alchemist, we must learn how to use the mind/matter split and be aware of the influences of the unconsciousness. How we understand the tools we have and navigate the maps is really weaving a delicate web and is an alchemical art.
If you live in the Chicago area and are genuinely interested in becoming an alchemist of the highest order, join us the first Sunday afternoon of the month for our healing workshops.


Love and Light,